What is Reiki? The best way to find out about Reiki is to schedule a session. All first time clients receive a $25 discount on a one-hour sessions and $10 discount on a half-hour session. 

What is Reiki? 

Reiki founder Mikao Usui.  (Photo:  Wikicommons )

Reiki founder Mikao Usui.

(Photo: Wikicommons)

What is Reiki? A good place to start on the history of reiki healing is to break down the Japanese term into its two base words. Rei means "higher power" and Ki means "life force energy." Every person and every living thing has this life force energy. As a healing modality, Reiki utilizes the life force energy to inspire healing, remove blocks, and promote overall well being. 

A certified Reiki practitioner has been through an attunement process from a Reiki Master that helps them interpret a client's energy. Through various hand placements and intuition, the practitioner is able to move energy to promote healing. 

Great resources for more information on Reiki: 

International Center for Reiki Training

Center for Reiki Research





What is Reiki? What can you expect from a Reiki session? All practitioners approach their treatments differently, but here's what you can expect from a Rebel Reiki treatment:

-You will relax lying down on a massage table, fully clothed 

-I will do a full body scan using my hands and intuition to interpret your energy 

-Hands stay above or lightly touch the body to move energy

After the treatment, we'll have a conversation to discuss your experience. Sometimes I will receive messages from your energy and, if you're interested, I share those with you. Everyone experiences a Reiki treatment differently and every treatment will be a little bit different -- even with the same practitioner. Do not be alarmed if any of the following happens: 

-Feelings or emotions come to the surface. Crying is totally normal and therapeutic! 

-Cold or warm feelings in the body 

-Colors or visions appear in your mind

-You feel nothing at all. The treatment is still working. 

A Rebel Reiki treatment is a holistic experience that treats the body and the mind. All experiences remain 100% confidential, just like you were talking to your therapist. 


How can Reiki help you? Reiki helps to balance energies and aid in relaxation. Balanced energy helps set the proper foundation for what the human body naturally wants to do, heal. People with the following issues have found benefits from Reiki: 

- Arthritis

- Anxiety & Depression

- Digestive Issues like IBS, Crohn's, etc. 

- General Muscle Soreness

- Headaches 

- Traumatic Injury 

If you have a specific issues you would like to address, please feel free to contact Rebel Reiki with questions. Email me at wendy@rebelreiki.com.