The Founder


Hi, I'm wendy. 

Hello friends! My name is Wendy Parish and I am a certified Reiki practitioner in the Des Moines, IA metro. I founded Rebel Reiki at the beginning of 2016. My personal spiritual journey has been a slow progression that started with yoga and continued until I found the healing practice of Reiki. After being certified as a practitioner in 2015, I was trying to decide what my Reiki contribution would look like. 

I spent some time really thinking about how I could use Reiki to help people and I just kept coming back to this simple idea: We don't love ourselves or each other enough. We certainly talk about love a lot -- in songs, in movies, on social media -- but how often are we showing it in real ways? 

One of the reasons Reiki is so powerful is that it is a dedicated chunk of time for one person to focus their love and attention on another person. We need more of that in the world. That kind of love can feel uncomfortable -- rebellious even -- and that's where the name Rebel Reiki comes from. 

As you can see from my multicolored hair in the photo above, I have a bit a of a rebellious streak myself. Not in the way you may be used to understanding rebellion -- like biker gangs and violence -- but in the way that I've always colored a bit outside the lines.

My hope is that I can encourage others to find their own inner rebel, by offering healing and support through Reiki. 


(Photo: Flickr  anomalous4 )   

(Photo: Flickr anomalous4)


What to expect in a rebel reiki session

All practitioners approach their treatments differently, but here's what you can expect from a Rebel Reiki treatment:

-You will relax lying down on a massage table, fully clothed 

-I will do a full body scan using my hands and intuition to interpret your energy 

-I will move my hands to different positions either slightly above or lightly touching the body

After the treatment, we'll have a conversation to discuss your experience. Sometimes I will receive messages from your energy and, if you're interested, I share those with you. Everyone experiences a Reiki treatment differently and every treatment will be a little bit different -- even with the same practitioner. Do not be alarmed if any of the following happens: 

-Feelings or emotions come to the surface. Crying is totally normal and therapeutic! 

-Cold or warm sensations in the body 

-Colors or visions appear in your mind

-You feel nothing at all. The treatment is still working. 

A Rebel Reiki treatment is a holistic experience that treats the body and the mind. All experiences remain 100% confidential, just like you were talking to your therapist.