Reiki Inside a Bank Vault

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking to group of women in a rural town in Iowa about Reiki. Upon arriving, I was a bit skeptical about the situation as my talking stage was going to be inside an old bank vault. 

My Reiki room -- the inside of a former bank's vault. 

My Reiki room -- the inside of a former bank's vault. 

The event helped me get over another struggle of mine -- explaining Reiki to an audience with little exposure. In the rural towns of Iowa, Reiki hasn't become a common place modality yet. But I was pleasantly surprised at this group of women's knowledge and interest in Reiki. The event kindly reminded me to forget my insecurities and prejudices about people's views of Reiki -- and to just focus on spreading the knowledge of Reiki's benefits. People -- and women especially -- want to know more about energy work. 

I was asked by my aunt to present at an event she helps organize each year called The Pink Stiletto Soiree.  The event brings women together to learn about various topics -- at this event there was a massage therapist, a makeup artist, a Zumba instructor, and a gardener, among other things. Women buy tickets to the event to support a foundation that pays bills for cancer patients while their undergoing treatment. For example, a breast cancer patient receives money to pay the electric bill while they are hospitalized or unable to work. 

The event is delightfully put together -- I was so proud of my aunt for continuing to pull together such a sweet and impactful event. The experience gave me an even better appreciation for the strong female models I have in my family. My aunt is a high school science teacher -- that's hero enough right there! But she also takes time to do awesome things like the Pink Stiletto Soiree to help her community. 

We took a family photo of the women in my family at the event. I would not want to mess with this bunch of strong women. We've got awesome moms, aunts, and daughters. We've got a world-travelling IT consultant, a nurse, a graphic designer, and a self-employed writer in this photo. When women come together -- family and beyond -- we can do awesome things! 

Without the influence of women like this in my life, I would never have had the guts to work for myself. To continue to expand my career into the world of Reiki. I am grateful for them every day.

If you're interested in booking me to talk to your group about Reiki, I can do that! I love talking about Reiki! Please feel free to contact me at if you have questions.