Mesothelioma Sufferer Finds Relief with Reiki

Recently, I received an email from mesothelioma sufferer Virgil Anderson. He had come across my web page and Reiki practice in Des Moines, IA and wanted to reach out to me. He had found such powerful relief for his mesothelioma symptoms through Reiki that he was now spending his time spreading the word to help others. Virgil is currently undergoing chemotherapy for his mesothelioma and has found distance Reiki helps his anxiety, depression, and feelings of "hopelessness." 

Virgil asked if I would help to spread his story through my blog and social media. Of course, I enthusiastically agreed to share his story. Sharing stories about the benefits of Reiki is one of my life's passions!! 

Virgil Anderson

Virgil Anderson

Here is Virgil's story in his own words: 

My name is Virgil Anderson and I am from Williamson, West Virginia. I’ve spent my entire life working around and with asbestos. I was unaware of the harm, as were many others who worked with it. In the past year I have been diagnosed with mesothelioma! Upon receiving my diagnosis, I didn’t know where to turn!

One night I discovered the resources at They helped me through tough times and without them I don’t know where I would be right now! Sometimes help finds us when we need it most!

It has been a difficult road for sure. It has become my mission to spread the news of my story and to try to help others. I have tirelessly tried to spread this message.

I have discovered alternative therapies to cope with pain, stress and anxiety! I have been learning about reiki and through this process I have discovered the practitioners of reiki to be the most genuine and giving people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! The people at posted an article in regards to reiki treatment here: . There are many resources on this site

It has been an experience that I never thought that I would have to face but I have endured. A positive and open mind will go a long way. The most important lesson is to not give up! God Bless.

Reiki has been shown by numerous studies to help mesothelioma and other cancer sufferers to cope with the stress of a living with cancer. On top of the physical symptoms of cancer, fighting cancer causes severe stress and anxiety in sufferers. Reiki helps cancer patients to relax and heal more effectively. is an organization dedicated to helping sufferers of the disease to find treatment, help, and support. It's a great organization that has helped many people, like Virgil, find comfort and hope in some dark times. Please visit to learn more about how Reiki can help! 

If you would like to know more about how reiki could help you or a loved one, please feel free to reach out to me at